Top 4 Important Tips To Enhance Security On Your Android Device

With the advancement in technology and the availability of android phones in the market today, many people are using  Smartphones. However, many people don’t know that much needs to be done to ensure the Android phone and all the crucial stuff within it is safe and secure always. For internet users, it is good to put in measures that will ensure security is enhanced while you are browsing the internet with your android device, and that’s why we recommend you to use a proxy server or VPN for android device. A VPN will ensure you are safe by hiding your real location and also ensuring that you can access even restricted websites at any time using your Android device.

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People access the internet, social media and emails daily through a Smartphone and all contacts, crucial information is saved in it. In fact, nowadays people rely on phones more than they trust their friends in everything. But are you doing everything that is necessary to secure your personal information? Many people find it easy to store financial information in their Smartphones. Have you ever thought about what can happen if the information gets into the hands of hackers? Or if your phone gets lost?

Below is a list of ways you can use to ensure you keep your information and any other crucial information safe and secure on your android device:

1. Avoid storing all your passwords

Many, among Android users, have the habit of saving all their passwords to online sites on their gadgets. But have you thought about what can happen when someone gets their hands on the phone? It is good to avoid saving all important passwords on your Android device, especially for financial and payment apps passwords.


2. Always lock crucial Apps within your Android device

Crucial Apps containing information related to finance should be locked always. This serves as an extra level of security to bar anyone from gaining access to crucial information in case, they succeed in unlocking your phone’s primary lock. There are various Apps available today which can help you to lock your important Apps for free.


3. Ensure You Network is Safe And Secured

This is one of the crucial things to do on your Android device since it protects your data. When performing important transaction like financial transactions, you should refrain yourself from using public Wi-Fi. Remember it is easy for someone to hijack data packets containing crucial and sensitive information such as passwords while on a public network. If it is a must to use public networks, then using apps available in the market that encrypts your outgoing connections is important.

You can also protect all your sensitive information using a android VPN to ensure your outgoing connection is encrypted making it harder for anyone to spy your activities.


4. Ensure you backup your data always

Of all the things in your Android device, data is one of the most crucial stuff. Preparing a backup of your data will ensure that you have a safe and secured data in every circumstance. This will also free up some space so that you can have enough storage space on you Android device. You can backup your data on Google Drive or any other backup media that you prefer.


Take home message
As technology advances, online security is under threat. Hackers and cybercriminals have increased. Securing your data will relieve you from headaches and frustrations. Therefore, choose how you would like to secure your android device as listed above.


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