School Proxies for safe and secure browsing from school campus

unblock websites in schoolThe schools are not supposed to use websites like YouTube and the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as per official norms. As a result, these websites are blocked inside the school campus. However, access to these blocked websites may become essential sometimes for completion of projects and various other academic tasks.

In such situations, they make use of the proxies for schools. The school proxy sites enable the students to access the contents of the blocked websites. The school proxies allow them to unblock the websites that are otherwise blocked. For execution of various projects and other tasks, the school proxy sites are of great help.

Unblock facebook and school firewall using proxy server. Bypass facebook when at school, college, home, and office.

Wherever internet access is restricted, the proxy sites help the users to bypass the restriction and access the contents of the blocked sites. There are many proxy sites for schools that are 100% free of charges and allow the students to unblock the websites that are restricted in the school campus.


Protect identity and ensure privacy

The school proxies ensure the users to protect their identity. The IP address, location and browser details of the user are encrypted by the proxy sites thereby keeping them confidential. The school proxies ensure fast, secure and safe access to the websites that are blocked in the schools. When the URL of the blocked website is entered on the proxy site, it removes the block and enables the user to access the restricted website.

how to proxy unblock blocked websites

The school proxies function as bridges between the school computers and the blocked websites. When a proxy site is used, the user need not visit the website directly. The proxy will access the blocked website, download the required content and send the same to the user. Since the website that the user wants to access can see only the IP of the proxy, this is indirect accessing of the restricted website. In the eyes of the internet filters of the school computer, the user visits only a proxy site and not a blocked website.


Selecting proxies for schools

The proxies for schools are web based proxies. When the proxy is used, the browsing is carried out by the web-based proxy that bypasses the internet server of the school computer. The user can start browsing once the URL is typed on the proxy site. While browsing with the proxy, the identity of the user is protected and his actual IP will not be logged.

There are numerous web based proxies for the schools to select. A rather unknown proxy is always the best choice. It is easy for the authorities to find out the proxy website and block the same if it is popular. The safest and the best way for the user to unblock the blocked sites is to create own proxy and use the same. The normal method to find out the best proxy for a school is to try five or six proxy servers and choose the best server out of the list.

Here is the List of Top 30 Free web proxy Sites.

Top 30 Click to Visit The Web Proxy — Anonymous Surfing

(Update on 3/12, 2018)

Web Proxy for anonymous web browsing while at school, office, place of work. Unblock any site you want to visit with this list of free web-based proxy sites.


Get a Paid Proxy Service to unblock website in school

OK, i know lots of students can not choose the paid service online. But some of guys don’t want to use the slow and unsafe proxy sites, Especially when they are want to login the social media sites like twitter and facebook! It’s really danger to your account, you can easily find the informations about “How dangerous to use public proxy “.

In short, There’s no such thing as a free lunch, though i also add 30 free web proxy sites here and you can easily find more proxy sites for school. And I also strongly recommend you use paid proxy than the free proxy, if you’re have some extra money. Here is some of Paid Proxy Providers that you can choose.

Proxy Provider Monthly Price VPN Provider Monthly Price
My Private Proxy $2.49 USD My Private Proxy $10.95 USD
My Private Proxy $2.30 USD My Private Proxy $12.95 USD
My Private Proxy $2.35 USD My Private Proxy $10.00 USD

  • Proxy Description 

The Paid Proxy Providers run the Squid Proxy on dedicated proxy servers, the http proxies can only use on the browser, such as Chrome, IE, FireFox and so on.
  • VPN Description

The VPN Service Providers run the VPN program on dedicated servers and encrypted all online traffic, you can use it also on your mobile phone to protect from public wifi.


Creation of secured proxy for school

Those who want to create own secured proxy server for the school computer can gather relevant information from the internet, such as,

Setting Up Squid Proxy Server or PPTP VPN on VPS”

Instructions for creation of the proxy will be provided online. One should not reveal about the proxy server created by him so as to keep the server 100% secure.

In short, Proxy servers makes your browsing completely anonymous when you at school or work. All the proxies or VPN enables you unblock firewall and internet filtering easily and free.


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