Highest Rated Proxy Provider – MyPrivateProxy

Tell Me Who Is The Best Proxy Provider!

If you’re in a rush, then not to worry. We can tell you straight up that MyPrivateProxy came out on top for every single one of our tests! They’re the best all round proxy provider for both shared and private proxies.


Looking for the most reliable private proxy provider, but still at a reasonable price? Don’t worry, we’ve tested them all for you. We know what we’re looking for, we took a wide range of things into consideration when completing our proxy provider showdown:

  • Request Speed
  • Uptime
  • Number of Whitelisted IP’s allowed
  • Number of separate locations and subnets
  • Order fulfilment time
  • Price

It’s important to consider all of the above. We also tested share proxy providers so we could help you out even if you were on a budget; the company than ended up on top was the same for both private and shared proxies! 

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Proxy Showdown Results


This is what you’ve all been waiting for, and there are two clear winners. Both MPP and SquidProxies are the cheapest of the bunch. Both of these would be good options for proxy providers, however when considering request times and the fact that SquidProxies is very limited in the sense that it requires IP based authentication, then MPP is the clear winner.

Request speed

This was actually a close call. MyPrivateProxy came out on top, but Packetflip were a close second. Speed is key for proxies though, whether you’re using them for web scraping or even seo tools; you’re going to be doing a lot of requests. So a small increase per request can amount to a large difference.


This test turned out to be pretty insignificant. Of all the providers we tried (and trust us, we tried practically them all) they all achieved an uptime of over 99% for the 2 weeks we monitored them. Squid Proxies actually came out on top beating MyPrivateProxy by an insignificant 0.03%.

Number of whitelisted IP’s allowed

This is actually one of the more important features. It could even be the one that turned the tables and allowed MPP to come out on top of our showdown. A lot of providers make you specify  1-5 IPs and limit your access to your proxies from this URL. In the age of the cloud this is a pretty ridiculous limitation. MPP simply has user/password based authentication and allows you to access your proxies from an unlimited amount of IP addresses.

Number of separate locations and subnets

Packetflip, Squid and MPP are all open about the amount of locations they have available. However most of the other companies are not. Multiple locations is important because it allows you to avoid detection much easier. If you randomise your location / IP and user-agent then your bots and scrapers will be very difficult to catch.

Order fulfilment time

Most of the companies offer proxy fulfilment in under an hour. SquidProxies runs some on some of blackhat software which means you can sometimes be waiting a few hours, but the majority of the others are instant.


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