Why You Should Be Using a Proxy Server For SEO

Track top search engine rankingsIt’s common knowledge that the Internet tracks the browsing history and details of every user. While most people have either accepted this or are just simply not aware of this, there are others who occasionally require more anonymity.

The perfect solution to this dilemma is a proxy server. While most individuals have at least heard of a proxy server at some point or another, many are still not sure about how to properly access them. Here’s a run down of what proxy servers are, and what they can be used for in SEO.

To put it as simply as possible, a proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between an individual’s computer that is browsing the Internet, and the website that the individual is browsing.


Benefit of Using a Proxy Server For SEO

It’s no secret that proxy servers are used constantly in the SEO world. There are several different reasons why an SEO would like to hide or change their IP address while browsing the Internet. One of these reasons is because many SEOs access their competitors’ websites in order to do research on what they are up against. If you do access your competitors’ websites, and you don’t use a proxy server in order to change your IP address, your competitors will be able to know that you were there, as their webservers will log all of the information and link it back to you.


CAPTCHA Google searchAdditionally, many professional SEOs also risk the possibility of being blocked by search engines, and thus must use proxy servers in order to prevent this from occurring.

If all of the employees working for an SEO agency happen to be on the same server, there will be many queries sent to all of the main search engines. This can wind up looking like a “Denial of Service” attack to the search engines, and can then result in your IP address being temporarily blocked.

Anyone who knows anything about SEO knows that a temporary block can be devastating to rankings, and that it is something that should always be avoided. If you are using keyword-ranking software like SEO Rank Tracker, the chances of this happening to you are also much higher. Proxies for SEO are the perfect solution to this dilemma, and for many SEOs, they are an absolute must.

Similarly, if an SEO agency is very active on social media, all of its social media requests will be from the same IP address. To the social media companies, these constant requests from the same IP address will look as if they are spam.

If they detect you as spam, they will then block you. This can wind up being devastating to results as well, and it is another thing that should always be avoided with the use of private proxy servers.

proxies for Social Media



These are just three of the main reasons why proxies are so important in the SEO world. There are many other additional reasons as to why they are useful, and that is why they have grown to be such a necessity over the years.

If you do not have any personal experience with using proxies, I strongly urge you to play with them and give them a try. Even if you are not a professional SEO expert, there are still many benefits that you can reap.

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