Proxy Server to Bypass websites in office or school

When you’re surf in school or at company, usually popular sites are often blacklisted by network administrator. Ok, Let me tell you “how to bypass the blocks in school or at company”.

Proxy servers that are free help accessing blocked websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, etc. These help in office or school, even when it is blocked by Firewall.

The proxy to bypass websites is the free proxy server websites that are helpful for internet surfing behind a firewall protection. Generally, the websites found in schools, offices and also at home are blocked. This is done so that students, employees or children do not waste time. However, now proxy server websites permit you to access the blocked websites.

Blocking of certain websites may be for a good reason and it is right to comply with such restrictions, especially for students. However, in dire situations, it may be important to bypass such blocked websites and at such times, using proxy server websites is useful.


Proxy Server

A proxy server refers to the intermediary computer directing to the server the client’s request. The server considers proxy to be the client and is unaware of the actual request sender. Effectively, this proxy server keeps the client invisible to its real server.

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Web Proxy Server

Web-based services provide the facility of a proxy server. In case (ISP) Internet Service Provider has blocked a website, but if the proxy server website is open, you may access the proxy websites and it will allow you to access the blocked website. In proxy websites, the blocked website is seen within the proxy website.


Web Proxy Servers Features

The free proxy website normally has an easy-to-use interface. They are clean, no nonsense and offers easy access to features such as removal of objects, managing cookies, etc. These websites proxies are usually for free.

A good web proxy server offers you these features:

  • Hiding of IP address: This is the web proxy basic feature. Here, the server will not know your actual IP address and will get the web proxy IP address.
  • SSL security:The communication will be encrypted by the web proxy with the server and thus it becomes completely safe and secure.
  • Cookie management: Checking if cookies are allowed or not on your computer.
  • User agent masking: Certain servers prevent access to certain browsers, but web proxy will offer access to server hiding your user-agent details.
  • Removal of automatic advertisement: Web proxy removes ads automatically such as ads of Google AdSense before delivering it to you from the website.
  • Automatic elimination of objects: Proxy server may offer you the option to eliminate (like Flash Shockwave) that are heavy objects before showing it to you from the webpage.


Paid Proxy

Here are some of the plus points of proxy to bypass websites you should pay attention.These free proxy to bypass websites offer free.With the free service, you can do most of the things.

but if your necessity is beyond accessing blocked websites, opt for paid service. The paid service allows using proxy on tablets and phones as well.It’s wise to use paid VPN service as proxy service. Simply buy a shared or private proxy to use as your shield and take care of all your internet errands.


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More and more proxies are becoming available to bypass websites; you can make use of it when you require it for your need.

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