It’s worth to use Private Proxies or Not

A proxy represents a server that works as a middleman between a person accessing the internet using the computer and the website. The proxy servers are highly useful for business and personal purposes, especially with online marketing.


What proxies should you buy?


Planning to buy a proxy implies you consider sites that are fast, decent proxies offering reasonable customer service at good prices. Using private proxies are better so that other users do not abuse.


There are also shared proxies, That’s i already let you know in the old post – The different between shared proxies and private proxies. Generally private proxy is cost $2 per IP address and shared proxy is cost $1 per IP address.You can customize the amount of proxies and the Locations of the proxies that you get in your package, and usually the proxies are monthly plan, some of proxy service offer quarter and year plan.

That’s true, it can be expensive for you, it is definitely an option that is worth it for many people. If no proxies or free proxies that really take risk of being identified and suffering the consequences.

Before you make a decision on whether buy a dedicated proxy or not, it is important to consider proxy that may benefits for you online activities.


It’s worth to use Proxies


If you’re doing a lot of sensitive work online, whether it’s your personal works or business jobs, it’s probably a good idea to buy a proxy. It can actually help to keep your information secure.

For Business, I think you don’t want to let your sensitive data to your competitors, specifically where are you, and what’s your site your like to visits. It’s really easy to use a private proxy from a secure and reputable proxy provider can be a sort of insurance policy for your business.

For personal, you may be thinks it’s waste the money, but i will let you know that’s save you money in the end. Let me ask you a questions first,

“Do you use  credit card or other financial information online?”

Yes, your financial information may be stolen by other bad guys, if so, you’re not just waste the money, but also wast lots of time on fix it.

Open proxy servers Not Security

So i highly suggest you use a private proxy for your personal use. The Proxy offer anonymity and security online to you.


Using Privaet proxies for anonymous surfing


Using proxies for anonymous surfing online, can protect your online personal privacy, means more safe from attacks by the online unscrupulous hackers and scammers.

The main reason for using private proxy is anonymity. You can research without fear of getting traced. This is because here the requests are directed via a proxy server such that the user identity is hidden completely.

Thus the online marketers can visit their competitor’s websites without getting identified. Regardless of the fact that you are accessing a blocked website or just wish to have your IP blocked while extracting data from other sites, one thing is truly valuable on the internet, anonymity.

So, If you want to hide your online identify when you are browsing the web, It’s really wise to pay for a private proxy service.



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