Why You Should Always Choose a Private Proxy Over a Public Proxy

There are several different types of proxies that you can choose to purchase, but the ones that you will hear the most about are public and private proxies. Both are incredibly common, and you can find individuals who support each of them. Yet, despite the fact that each one does have their own unique benefits, public proxy servers are much more unreliable than you would initially think.


Public proxy servers are Free

It is true that public proxy servers are much cheaper than private servers, and this is one of the main reasons why people do tend to find them appealing. You can oftentimes find them for free on the Internet, and there are thousands of different options available. Such as,


But, if you have ever taken the time to give one of these free public proxy servers a try, you most likely have first hand experience with all of the different problems that they can cause.

proxies works on web scraping



Free public proxy servers very rarely work correctly, and if by some miracle they do, they are incredibly slow and practically useless. Plus, if you do manage to find a proxy that does work, chances are that when you go back to use it again, it will no longer be functioning.

Free public proxies are incredibly hit or miss, and they are undependable to say the least. When you use them, you will have to constantly update your software and start from scratch, and you will be unable to make much headway on what you are working on. Not only is this inconvenient, it is also an inefficient way to work.

proxy speed slow

The main reason why free public proxy servers are so unreliable is because companies do not choose to make their high quality servers available to the public for no cost. If they did, users would overwhelm these servers, and they would thus lose their value and quality. Instead, companies save these high quality servers for private proxies, and charge people good money in order to use them. The low quality, inefficient servers are then used for public proxies, and the individuals who use them are stuck with whatever they can get their hands on. These servers can occasionally be computers that have been hacked, or they are proxy servers that belong to someone else and have been misconfigured improperly. As time passes, so many individuals will start to use them that the machines will eventually crash. This is inevitable, and it is expected in the realm of free proxies.


Choose a Private Proxy Over a Public Proxy

Although private proxies do cost more money, many people, myself included, think that they are most definitely worth it. Choosing to purchase a private proxy prevents you from constantly having to waste time searching for a new public proxy to use, while also saving you time while you work.

Private proxies are much quicker than public proxies, and this will save you hours of your life and a huge amount of frustration. Additionally, when you choose to use a private proxy instead, you also do not have to worry about your reputation or your company’s reputation potentially being compromised by being associated with whatever else is being done on the public proxies. Public proxies have been known to attract illegal activities, and you do not want these activities to be associated with your name in any way.

When deciding which is the best type of proxy to purchase, a private proxy is clearly the superior choice.

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